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Try to find the time machine to prevent the coming of thousands of alien usurpers... If its not too late.
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Cab In The Woods Cab In The Woods Cab In The WoodsBe The Greatest Cab Driver in the world. Your niche market: Monsters. Slender: Arrows to move, avoid zombies, get pages.get 8 to get to next level Yeti:up and down to avoid trees and snowmen, get away from avalanche Swamp:Up to swim up, left/right to move, avoid fish and spikes, get to whirlpool.
Jump Blast Jump Blast Jump BlastJump Blast is designed for mobile devices but works fine with the mouse. Click on the screen to create a small explosion and blast the ball to the exit. This is a demo for an upcoming bigger game.
Spectro Spectro SpectroArrow keys: move Egon / move screen Space bar: self-destruct When in Ghost form, enemies don't hurt you. Press Space to self-destruct, and cause chain explosions. After self-destructing, aim the crosshairs on the explosion of a downed enemy ship to possess it and control it. Only in Ship mode can you advance through the stage, but you are vulnerable to damage by crashing into an enemy ship. You also have *LIMITED TIME* before you lose control over your ship and you explode, so self-destruct beforehand to cause chain explosions again!
Gravitron Gravitron GravitronGravitron is a puzzle game based around the concept of manipulating gravity. Use your Displacement Anti Gravity System to complete 25 levels for your robotic service assessment. Controls: WASD for movement LMB to shoot E to drop the block Q to interact with watchers R to restart the level
Uddercover Uddercover UddercoverPlay as secret agent bovine Agent Udders as you attempt to save your leather! The core mechanic assigned to us was Hide, and a secret agent cow seemed to be the only logical option. Be sure to check out the other Game Jam submissions - they're all phenomenal. Enjoy the game! Right/D = Walk Right Left/A = Walk Left Up/W = Climb Up Down/S = Climb Down Spacebar = Hide E = MC^2 (And is also used to throw a distraction) Q = Change Quality (if the game is running slow)
Tom Tapper Tom Tapper Tom TapperUve always dreamed of adventures, treasures and dangers? Your dreams came true Tom TAPper will give u all of this! Different levels, traps, enemies Want to stay alive be careful and attentive all the time! TAP of your finger always lead to unexpected move of Tom. So be sure that to pass each level from the first try is almost impossible! Are your skills ready for all of this?...
Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs1.Destroy as many pigs as possible by clicking to cause a chain reaction. This gets you cash! 2.Reach the red flag in the kill progress meter to clear the level. 3.The charge meter will refill as chain reactions occur. When full, roast'em again! 4.Get stars by colliding with them or via the kill progress meter. Stars unlock new upgrades. 5.You can always sell upgrades if it is makes a level hard!
Final Ninja Zero Final Ninja Zero Final Ninja ZeroSuper-charged prequel to the ninja swinging series. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Click with the MOUSE to throw a ninja star - click and hold to shoot out a rope to swing from and climb up. Press DOWN to stealth.
Newspaper Boy 2 Newspaper Boy 2 Newspaper Boy 2We now bring you the remake of the sequel classic game Newspaper Boy 2. The mischievous kid is back for some more carnage, throwing more dynamite and tnt through the neighborhood homes. Enjoy ! Game Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to move. Mouse button to throw dynamite.
The Stick Adventure The Stick Adventure The Stick AdventureClick on the arrows on the screen to move. Point and click to shoot your gun when the time comes. Level 1: Click the left arrow. Kill the stick and get the gun. Click the right arrow 2 times and enter the door. Level 2: Point and click your gun at the sticks and shoot them (Headshots). If you absolutely can't get past this level, theres a cheat, on the direction screen pops up when you retry, click the comma (,) after the first
Gravity Duck 2 Gravity Duck 2 Gravity Duck 2Gravity Duck is back! Use the power of gravity to collect the golden eggs in each level. 40 levels! Controls: Arrow keys to move X to flip gravity
Frankie Dino Frankie Dino Frankie DinoThis game is about the birth of a little dino Frankie.Your goal is to help him cast off from an egg. You can do it blowing up the blue and red bomb close to an egg.
Rabbit Ninja Jump Rabbit Ninja Jump Rabbit Ninja JumpRabbit Ninja is given tasks. He need to collect all paper scrolls. The task is no way easy as there are many dangers along the way. Arrow keys to jump and avoid obstacles; Collect all paper scrolls to pass a level.
Snappy Snail Snappy Snail Snappy SnailYou are snappy, a young snail who have a dream to manage a snail team that consist of the strongest and fastest snail in the earth. To gain the recognition, you decided to join a tournament which the winner team recognized as the best snail team in the world. So, your job is manage the team and win the tournament, which have various speed and physical challenge.
Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2Whenever traffic get you annoyed, unleash your fury and climb to your car's roof and hijack another car and escape. Get nitro boost by jumping on to other cars, drive on one way traffic, and a variety of other dangerous stunts. Only thing you can't do is brake! But why would you want to do that? Just Drive :D
Unfortunate Accident Unfortunate Accident Unfortunate AccidentKill the bad guys and make their death look like an accident in this physics-ricochet crossover game.
Bratz In Venice Bratz In Venice Bratz In VeniceVenice is known as a city of style and fashion. This cute Bratz's dream comes true as she plans to spend her spring break in Venice with her friends. Today she will do some crazy shopping with her friends before the trip. Find a perfect outfit from her wardrobe, choose a nice hairstyle, pick a prefect shoe style, add some jewellery and a stylish handbag to make her look gorgeous and different from the others.
Skull Kid Skull Kid Skull KidThis is a fun game but with a violent romp and destructive through an office environment focusing more on destroying rather than trying to stay alive. You need to play as Skull kid without any brains to destroy the office building completely using a chainsaw, then kill the employees by shooting them down and finally take down the Big Boss
Death Racers Death Racers Death RacersIn this future, all that's left to do is drive or die in prison. The prisons have a choice to race for their freedom or stay in prison. This game has been based on the movie Death Racers
Agh Zombies Agh Zombies Agh ZombiesIt is near doomsday and it is 2012, the streets are full with human eating zombies! Try to survive this apocalypse in London in this fanatic side scrolling shooter.
The Last Stand The Last Stand The Last StandSurvive the nights with shooting off zombies from your barricade. You will survive longer if you repairing your barricade, searching for weapons and looking for other survivors to help repair on the daylight hours.
Chaos Faction Chaos Faction Chaos FactionAfter 14 months of hardworking of Dissolute Production's this game is finally finished. And it was worth waiting because it is fantastic flash combat game. There are 3 different game modes: Deathmatch, survival and Campaign
King Of Shapes King Of Shapes King Of ShapesThe King of Shapes needs your help. First place the objects to keep the servants above the line and then remove the same objects to make the servants fall into basins.
Stone Age Skater Stone Age Skater Stone Age SkaterJump on your bone crushing skateboard and race through the skate parks flipping your way into fame and glory earning new boards along the way.
E7 E7 E7A physics based sci-fi platform adventure game set on a planet where you sink into the surface like on a waterbed. You're Luke, a small exploration unit sent out on a search and destoy mission. The planet hides a bomb which is pointed towards Earth, it's you're job to find and neutralize the danger.
Demolition City Demolition City Demolition CityPlace dynamite on the concrete pieces to reduce each building to a pile of rubble. The rubble must be below the blue line to complete a level.
The King Of Fighters Wing V14 The King Of Fighters Wing V14 The King Of Fighters Wing V14Fight against the computer as you setup your game, choose your character and try to win.
Galaxochimp Galaxochimp GalaxochimpCollect the stars!
Kaban Kaban Kabanind Kabans way through a labyrinth as fast as possible to attain aim.
Drag Bike Manager 2 Drag Bike Manager 2 Drag Bike Manager 2You are a manager of a drag racing team. Buy and upgrade motorcycles when you have the money. Recruit racer, crew, and umbrella girls to build a solid team.
Pety Pety PetyPety's tiny home planet has been invaded by poisonous snails, pointy hedgehogs and annoying butterflies. They can all hurt her and ruin her apple crop. Help her save the planet by jumping over the intruders or tossing apples in their direction. Good luck!
Fill Zone Duo Fill Zone Duo Fill Zone DuoFill the board with one color by swapping the tile colors, before your opponent does. You can play this challenging virus-like game against the AI or the best players of the world! Choose between the new duo mode or the classic single player mode, with or without blocker tiles.
Line Runner 2 Line Runner 2 Line Runner 2Line Runner is back! Race through different obstacles by drawing a path for your runner. Collect rings for speed while avoiding the purple mines.
Dynasty Wars Dynasty Wars Dynasty WarsFight your rivals in increasingly difficult battles, using 3 of 8 officers you can cycle, 8 warrior types, buildings, sorceries, other upgrades, and control your armys movement using two different modes for advance tactics. Rewrite history and be the Emperor of the Chinese land!
Santa Claus Dressup Santa Claus Dressup Santa Claus DressupDress Santa Claus in various red joyful outfits. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
Killer Trucks Killer Trucks Killer TrucksApocalypse has hit the city but the police have left you locked up in jail. Hijack one of their vehicles and escape if you want to survive
Monster Truck Trip Monster Truck Trip Monster Truck TripCustomize your Monster Truck and race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping balancing your truck. Get more points by collecting stars and crushing cars along the way.
Sift Heads World Ultimatum Sift Heads World Ultimatum Sift Heads World UltimatumThe team is back with an unstoppable fury as they are being chased by the police, Alonzo and Yuuma. Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro's skills will be put to the test.
Super Mario Kart Super Mario Kart Super Mario KartDrive your kart fire rockets and throw banana peels on your enemies. Try to be the first and unlock more Levels.
Big Time Fame Big Time Fame Big Time FameIn this game you have to manage your own band to fame. Get them ready for their weekly gigs, rent the limo's to get them there, keep them happy and on schedule. Popstars can be lousy and slacking all the time.
Eva Rescue Tom Eva Rescue Tom Eva Rescue TomYour little brother Tom has been kidnapped by a evil Witch. The only way to rescue Tom is to defeat the evil Witch. Good luck! You will need it.
Tsunami Fighter Tsunami Fighter Tsunami FighterThis charity game is dedicated to the people of Japan. May those who were lost rest in peace. Nana korobi, ya oki. Please consider donating whatever you can spare to the people of Japan to help them heal from the recent disaster.
Die In A Carpet Fire Die In A Carpet Fire Die In A Carpet FireNinja rugs is in despair, the Ghostly Gharpets company is making more profit than they do! To save ninja rugs, Ninja janitor must die in a carpet fire over and over again. By doing this, he will destroy the ghosts that possess the carpets. But it is not as easy as it sounds! This hardcore 2d platform game features: 40 levels, 4 stunning worlds, a super awesome boss fight, terrifying ghosts, an awesome storyline, the best music ever made, and of course a ninja janitor!
Monster Truck America Monster Truck America Monster Truck AmericaDefy the big Canyon in furious Monster Truck across 10 levels ! Drive quick to earn more cash and unlock achievments ! Monster Truck America is all about racing fast !
Angry Sonic Angry Sonic Angry SonicAngry Birds meet Sonic in this physics structure knocking adventure. Kill all the Crabs to win the level. Play up to 10 levels ! Earn points and send your score at the end of the levels !
Smart Dogs Smart Dogs Smart DogsThese two stray dogs found a hobby. The throw and catch game! Believe it or not it's not that easy. Have fun!
Tetris 3j Tetris 3j Tetris 3jMake lines with falling blocks! World's finest puzzle game!
Baby Mario Baby Mario Baby MarioMario always loved adventure. When you look back , when Mario still was a baby. He was already collecting coins and avoiding enemies on dangerous platforms.