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Try to find the time machine to prevent the coming of thousands of alien usurpers... If its not too late.
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Snake Squad Snake Squad Snake SquadMake your supreme squad and survive in battlefield as long as you can. Collect loot and upgrade your squad. Every taken soldier heals you (+ 5HP). At x10 kill combo you'll get an air-strike.
Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2Infectonator 2 is here! Sequel to the hit Infectonator series, this new game adds a lot of depth, giving you the control to infect entire continents one by one, more funny characters, better graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator 2 gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominating the World once again!
Creatively Complicated Creatively Complicated Creatively ComplicatedEnter the mind of the Creatively Complicated, and enjoy this point and click adventure that has several puzzles throughout it. It has 24 achievements in it that range from easy to very difficult. At the end of the game, the player actually gets a real life reward of the in game assets in CS3.
Jump Blast Jump Blast Jump BlastJump Blast is designed for mobile devices but works fine with the mouse. Click on the screen to create a small explosion and blast the ball to the exit. This is a demo for an upcoming bigger game.
Pharaohs Second Life Pharaohs Second Life Pharaohs Second LifeHave you ever wondered what would happen if you had given a second chance to live? A pharaoh is given one! However, he has to escape the pyramid first so that he can explore the new life.
Rational Redux Rational Redux Rational ReduxArgue the toss in a twisted tale of logic...rnrnIn ir/rational you complete, create and discredit arguments by selecting propositions rnrnand filling in the blanks. It's a puzzle game based on propositional logic, and a rnrngraphic adventure all in one - only here you don't so much need to escape the room rnrnas prove why you'd even want to.
Portal Quest Portal Quest Portal QuestEscape from the laboratory using portal gun. Instructions: A D - movement W, SPACE - jump E - use Mouse - launch a portal. Q, 1, 2 - change portal color R, ESC - close portals.
Sands Of The Coliseum Sands Of The Coliseum Sands Of The ColiseumChallenge your friends and battle your way to the top of the Coliseum rankings in this action-packed Gladiator game !
Match Monsters Match Monsters Match MonstersMatch Monsters is match 3, PVP (Player vs. Player) multiplayer online game. Make formation of three or more gems to activate them. Create your profile, clan, defeat your opponents, make new friends, win coins and buy special abilities and new avatars!
Harry Quantum 2 Harry Quantum 2 Harry Quantum 2Harry Quantum PI is back, this time to solve a case for wrestling champion SuperBurro. Framed for a crime he didn't commit harry has to find out who stole the artifacts from the zaztec museum and clear his name.
Eggstinction Eggstinction EggstinctionLet's get ready to go Jurassic on these alien invaders. Grab weapons and defend your ground. Instructions: Arrow keys to move Q + E to change weapons Space to activate rage mode when the meter is full. Mouse to aim and shoot.
Land Lobber Land Lobber Land LobberBecome Pirate of the Year by taking out as many peg leg pirates and on-stage targets as possible. Earn doubloons for your efforts and use them to buy and upgrade your weapons. Move the mouse to take aim, click to shoot. Aardman and Sony Pictures have released a new movie today called
The Fairyland Massacre The Fairyland Massacre The Fairyland MassacreCollect all the parts of the teleporter to help the robot get to the Nerubi war where it belongs. But Fairyland is not that simple either. Go through all ten locations with various magical creatures. Controls: Mouse button or W button for move and attack. Q - rockets E - laser M - map
Haters War Haters War Haters WarThe two best shooter games crash in one ultimate challenge. Fanboys will be able to select their favourite team and fight for domination!
Cyclop Physics Cyclop Physics Cyclop PhysicsYour goal is to help green and red cyclops get to their corresponding platforms. A Box can transform into a ball, a ball can transform into a box. Mouse. Use
Wooden Design Wooden Design Wooden DesignThis puzzle game will make you use your thinking ability in full measure! Place different wooden objects on the immovable platform in such a way that none of them falls off. Pay attention to the fact that you can move one object with the help of another! All objects must be on the platform in the end!
Melon Mango Mayhem Melon Mango Mayhem Melon Mango MayhemLet us know what you think. This turned out pretty good in the end with some very cute animations. Some of the levels get quite tricky too.
Moto Trial Fest 2 Moto Trial Fest 2 Moto Trial Fest 2More new challenges await you. 20 new levels now even larger and more interactive. Complete them, get badges and enter to the top moto trial racers ranking board.
Pick And Dig 2 Pick And Dig 2 Pick And Dig 2Pick and Dig is back with even more fiendish puzzles to solve. Grab the tools to help you get past obstacles. Just watch out for the caterpillars, they're nasty creatures which will hurt you.
Twilight Bella Dress Up Twilight Bella Dress Up Twilight Bella Dress UpBella grows close to Jacob as well as Edward in the movie Twilight New Moon. She don't know on who she is in love with, but makes the decision to save Edward with consequence of soon becoming a vampire herself.
Kill Me Kill Me Kill MeThis superhero 'Undead Man' is tired of his special ability to resurrect upon death. The only solution for this superhero is to drink a poison that kills him forever. But someone protects it with many dangerous sharp and pointy objects
Wasteland Defender Wasteland Defender Wasteland DefenderThis is the new episode of the Fujitsu Defender game. Futuristic tower defense based on self leveling of towers. Towers will earn level points after damage enemies. Lots of towers to build, enemies, achievements and upgrades. Game contains 4 game modes and 6 different maps.
Destructo Truck Destructo Truck Destructo TruckCause massive demolition!
Coma Coma ComaA beautifully animated platform adventure. Your name is Pete. You wake up, everything is different, you have to find out what happened to everyone…join him as you run through the country in search of your sister, your life, and what happened..
Noodle Shop Noodle Shop Noodle ShopHow good r u with noodles? Run this noodle shop and look after the customers, serve 'em up the best noodles in the world.
Parking Stunts Parking Stunts Parking StuntsParking Stunts is a online car parking and driving game.Park your car into the marked space without hitting obstacles and other cars before the time runs out. For every flag You'll get additional points.
The Great Massacre The Great Massacre The Great MassacreGreg is an immortal hero. He's a bit bored, because with his great skills there's nobody who can beat him. Suddenly, his boss came and took away Greg's powers. Help Greg to get his power back
Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Super KaroshiWhy are we always avoiding the spikes and trying to reach
Recordshop Tycoon Recordshop Tycoon Recordshop TycoonHi, welcome to Rubato Hills! Shortly you’ll embark on an epic journey which will eventually see you become the wealthiest and happiest citizen in town! Well, either that or you’ll fail miserably and end up in the gutter, selling your kidney and a lung to make it through another week. The recordshop business is not an easy one, you see. There are lots of factors you need to keep in mind, lots of variables you need to change based on your customers, your store, events in town, the list goes on. Should you have what it takes you’ll have a good time though! There are multiple properties you can buy and outfit with new objects to attract more and richer customers. There are lots of opportunities and possibilities to expand your business in Rubato Hills. Good luck and have fun! Oh and by the way, there are 3 leaderboards in the game, after 25, 50 and 100 days, and your progress is saved automatically after every day. So if you need a break don’t be afraid you’ll lose your progress if you quit the game.
Pc Defense Pc Defense Pc DefensePC.DEfence is a strategy game with an exciting pixel art graphics combining classical tower defense gameplay with inconvenient story line. Evil viruses are coming out from usb stick to destroy your hardware. Protect the central processor using your savvy and upgradeable antivirus software at your disposal. Six different antiviruses with 4 upgrades each and special boosters are available to help you to achieve your goal. But take care! It’s only a 64 bits processing unit and every virus destroys one bit if it slips through!
Autumn Princess Dress Up Autumn Princess Dress Up Autumn Princess Dress UpThis princess someday fall, thought to come from the palace where he lives to go to a meeting shopping, then you will wear clothes and accessories used goods purchased. Also in his wardrobe of clothes you'll find a total of 12 dresses, very elegant for special occasions.You can choose how to sit her hair, as you wish, using a variety of hairstyles from the provided. Accesories pressing, you could go gloves to match the dresses, tiaras, necklaces and earrings. Shoes should also carefully chosen to match the dress. After you have finished click on Finish to play, then you'll have the opportunity to admire the autumn pictures by clicking on the BG, background and if you really like how you set it on the princess you can print out your picture. success
Lunnix Lunnix LunnixMr. Bill, a famous sardine manufacturer, hired super penguin Lunnix to catch some big fish-shaped aliens. Bill believes that they exist and catching them could seriously boost the output of his factory making him even richer.
Crash Test Launcher Crash Test Launcher Crash Test LauncherLaunch your crash test dummy through various stages. Upgrades include faster cars, jetpacks, armors and more. How far can you launch your dummy?
Serving Cookies To Kids Serving Cookies To Kids Serving Cookies To KidsOnce any kid arrived at the cookie shop he will ask you for his preferred cookies.Drag selected cookies to his box. If all cookies are served correctly to kids, they will pay you.Collect as much money you can before the time goes up and advance to more complicated and fun levels!Make as much money you can and advance to next more complicated and addicted levels!Good Luck!
Skilled Driver Skilled Driver Skilled DriverJump into your car and collect all of the cones as fast as possible without crashing into other cars or running people over. See how many attempts it takes you to get through all of the levels.
Race Or Die Race Or Die Race Or DieRace every street racer in the city to unlock ew cars, lots of cash, and awesome upgrades. Start with a good car and make your way to racing for pink slips. Get far enough and unlock the bonus cars.
Xtreme Pig Xtreme Pig Xtreme PigEverybody knows Xtreme Pig. The dare devil of this century. His goal is to become the highest flyer of all time! But he needs some help from you to reach this goal.
Christmas Crash Christmas Crash Christmas CrashMatch and crash colorful christmas themed icons in Christmas Crash. Christmas Crash is a spinoff of the popular Cube Crash game but with a christmas theme. Just click groups of 3 or more similar icons to remove them.
Helmet Bombers 2 Helmet Bombers 2 Helmet Bombers 2Shoot down all the men. Some are hard to get to so be inventive!
Black Space Black Space Black SpaceFly your spaceship using the mouse. Stay away from enemies as you shoot them down. Beware of bosses.
Alien Truck Alien Truck Alien TruckSee if you have what it takes to be an Alien Truck driver. This Alien planet is filled with radio active stones and these little aliens are trying to get enough stones to make energy at their plant.
Mario Bros Motobike 2 Mario Bros Motobike 2 Mario Bros Motobike 2Help Super Mario Bros ride his motobike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible and make a backflip or frontflip to earn more points.
Cargo Express Cargo Express Cargo ExpressFind your way through a bumpy road with your truck loaded of rocks. The main goal is to bring your freight to destination with a minimal loss. You must achieve goals and with money gained you can upgrade your truck. The faster you deliver your cargo, the better you get paid.
Ben 10 Space War Ben 10 Space War Ben 10 Space WarChoose to play with Ben 10 or Gwen. The Aliens have captured the grandfather of Ben, Max Tennyson, and you have to save him. Fly through space on your earth ball and shoot at all the enemy rockets. You will get 500 points for every rocket ship you destroy, there are also bonus points when flying around. Avoid all the meteors, but collect the extra ammo and extra live balls. At the end you must defeat the Upchuck.
Protector 45 Protector 45 Protector 45he follow up expansion to Protector IV brings with it a whole host of new content. Featuring 7 new storyline campaigns and several individual storyline quests, Protector IV.V has chest loads of exciting new quests.
Pigs Can Fly Pigs Can Fly Pigs Can FlyPigs Can Fly is a physics puzzle game. Your goal is to get the pig to the colored potion. To achieve your goal you have a pink, a green and a blue cursor. The pig can only be moved by the pink cursor, object on the screen only with the cursor of the same color. Every time you select a different cursor the timeline will start from the beginning, so timing is crucial!