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Try to find the time machine to prevent the coming of thousands of alien usurpers... If its not too late.
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Ball Frog Ball Frog Ball FrogBreak your way through 20 levels worth of targets in this Puzzle Bobble / Peggle style game. Destroy all the targets in a single turn for massive points!
Go Robots Go Robots Go RobotsThe robots want to get to their base, help them find the way to do that...
Football Jerseys Football Jerseys Football JerseysA simple quiz to test your knowledge of football, or soccer teams and their jerseys, plus a couple of other football related questions thrown in. You have 60 seconds to answer as many as you can, so be quick.
Catch The Stickman Catch The Stickman Catch The StickmanWatch out! The fire covered several high-rise buildings. In panic attacks stickmen began jumping from the windows of they own apartments! And only two smartest guy picked up the blanket and began to rescue the insane stickmen from imminent death. Will they? The fate of the inhabitants of houses in your hands. Use the arrow keys left / right to help the brave guys to catch the falling stickmen until they land in safety
Escape The Basement Escape The Basement Escape The Basement You, of all people, were chosen to die. A cruel man named Kane has locked you in his basement with no thought of letting you free. Can you outwit his evil plan and escape? Use the mouse to find clues and escape. Look around and click everywhere to find new clues. Certain items can be used with others.
Seedling Seedling SeedlingA small boy is born from the wind, appearing in front of a house. He doesn't know his purpose, but knows that this house is important. This house holds his answers--and the beginnings of an arduous journey that will introduce him to creatures and objects he has never seen, as well as bring him to question right and wrong. Controls: Arrow Keys - move X - primary C - secondary V or I - inventory Esc - menu R - restart (the whole game!) M - mute W - soundtrack
Wizard Walls Wizard Walls Wizard WallsArcade defense game featuring original gameplay. Save sheep, cover the engineer and caravans, protect the balloon and keep vicious trolls and goblins away from your soldiers.
Bristlies Players Pack Bristlies Players Pack Bristlies Players PackHelp Bristlies to get into boxes of the same color. Cut ropes and use interactive objects to solve the puzzles. If you get stuck, just restart a level several times and skip level button will appear. Click on a rope to cut it. Use
Yeah Jam Fury Yeah Jam Fury Yeah Jam FuryA, D - move left, right W, Space - jump 1 - switch to Yeah 2 - switch to Jam 3 - switch to Fury Q - quickswitch M - see mango location P - Pause And remember, controls are always available in the settings menu. GET THE MANGO Yeah Jam Fury tests your speed and ingenuity in over 40 levels of smiling face blocks. Utilize all three of your egos to create blocks, scale walls, and destroy everything in the way of your righteous fruit. Controls are on the preloader and our phone numbers are on the kitchen counter. Feel free to take a break and help yourself to the leftover pizza in the fridge (the game saves!). We'll be back by midnight~
Speed Boat Runaways Speed Boat Runaways Speed Boat RunawaysYour arrow keys are your only teammates in this adrenaline-rising competition! Use them for gaining speed and leaving your rivals way behind you.
Twin Shot Twin Shot Twin ShotDual player arrow firing action game set in an ancient cloud city. Use the ARROW KEYS or W,A,S,D to move. Press SPACE or F to fire an arrow. Try to destroy all enemies!
I Saw Her Standing There I Saw Her Standing There I Saw Her Standing ThereThis is a game about zombies, guns, love and dealing with your girlfriend when she turns into a zombie. Also it's about jumping on platforms and not falling to your death. Maybe there's pancakes in there too, or the ability to fly. WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Space to shoot. Esc to return to the menu. If you hit any bugs, PM me and I'll get onto updating that soon as I can. Enjoy
Destrocity Destrocity DestrocityDestrocity is a game where you take control of a giant in a populated city and nearby neighborhood. You can slam the ground with your fists causing explosions and damage to anything nearby. Explosions will send the city's inhabitants and vehicles skyward. Climb the city buildings and knock them to the ground. Feast on the people to boost your stamina. Pickup vehicles or vendors and toss them into oblivion. Or maybe you want to perform a devastating elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper? Depending on which gamemode you are playing, you will be able to purchase skills and upgrades to help you along your way. Be wary though, as the city's military will be sent to kill you.
Bomb Diver Bomb Diver Bomb DiverThis game combines aspects of missile command, avoiders, collectors, and chain reaction genres all in a nice little retro arcade package. It even has a few original chiptunes I composed for it.
Tank Storm Tank Storm Tank StormControl a heavy armored battle tank, shoot enemy tanks and soldiers to get through enemy territory and complete your main mission - destroy the enemy base and boss tank.
League Of Chaos League Of Chaos League Of ChaosMankind has been traveling through a cloud. The sky has been dark ever since the war began. Its time for mankind to end the war before the war puts an end to mankind. League Of Chaos is a sideview strategy game, with a controllable and progressive hero character and sci-fi theme. Instruction A and D keys to move. W to teleport and S to fire. Press the numkeys 1-9 to spawn troops. Left and right keys to scroll the screen. P key to pause and see the option menu like mute and others. Just for an info 'House' used to increase maximum population 'Attack Tower' used to increase unit damage in the structure area 'Defend Tower' used to increase unit armor in the structure area [reduce unit produce] - hold shift key + click the unit icon
Space Sieged Space Sieged Space SiegedSimple but fun. Since you're using a custom preloader, the loading bar should disappear upon download completion, and the play button should replace it. Otherwise its difficult and confusing to find the play button among the advertisements. Also, seems the round objects don't always score a knockout on impact, it happened on level 5.
Snappy Snail Snappy Snail Snappy SnailYou are snappy, a young snail who have a dream to manage a snail team that consist of the strongest and fastest snail in the earth. To gain the recognition, you decided to join a tournament which the winner team recognized as the best snail team in the world. So, your job is manage the team and win the tournament, which have various speed and physical challenge.
Fruit Rescue Fruit Rescue Fruit RescueHelp the adventurer recover the fruits from the volcano by bouncing them on his raft. Make sure to avoid the spider who wants to steal them and watch out not to drop them
Monster Bark Monster Bark Monster BarkMonsters has kidnapped bark the dog. Monsters were always jealous about the great friends and sweet life of Bark that he had, so they planned to steal it all from him in the middle of the night. Little do they know that Bark is the most courageous dog there is and he wants all of his stuff back. Help Bark regain all of his belongings and save his friends in the ultimate monster-maze puzzle adventure. Controls: [W,A,S,D] - Move character [Arrow Keys] - Move character [R] - Restart level [P] - Pause [1,2,3,4,5] - Switch character [Click on character] - Switch character
Hobo 3 Wanted Hobo 3 Wanted Hobo 3 WantedThe Hobo 3 adventure continues with the story line where Hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, the government wants him dead or alive. Are you able to survive ?
Age Of War 2 Age Of War 2 Age Of War 2Age of war 2 is a mix between a strategy game and a defense game.The goal is to destroy the enemy base while you defending yours.You can build units to attack the enemy's and turrets to defend your base.
4x4 Monster 4x4 Monster 4x4 MonsterDrive your 4x4 monster truck and try to complete each level in the shortest time. Race over mountains, cars, bridges and other obstacles while keeping your truck balanced.
Underwater Treasures Underwater Treasures Underwater TreasuresForm groups of same colored. Pop all the bubbles in as few shots as possible. You must collect all
Shoot The Snake Shoot The Snake Shoot The SnakeSnakes are on the loose shoot them down before things get out of control.Blow up all the snakes to complete a level.
Revenge Rider Revenge Rider Revenge RiderTake down the cars with target above them.
Rg Racer Rg Racer Rg RacerDrive as fast as you can in this awesome 3d racing game. Beat qualify time to upgrade your car. You can also make your own customized tracks.
The Kill Kar Ii Revenge The Kill Kar Ii Revenge The Kill Kar Ii RevengeThe Kill Kar II: Revenge game. Cool action car game where you shoot missiles and other stuff to kill enemies
Drag Bike Manager 2 Drag Bike Manager 2 Drag Bike Manager 2You are a manager of a drag racing team. Buy and upgrade motorcycles when you have the money. Recruit racer, crew, and umbrella girls to build a solid team.
Neon Race Neon Race Neon RaceTake this neon super car to its limits. Race against your opponent and test your skills. See if you can take 1st.
Gravity Tangram Gravity Tangram Gravity TangramYour goal is simple: just put all the pieces together to fill the shape on the screen. Solving this puzzle is not always as simple, though. It will take some time to figure out the right positions of the different pieces. Good luck!
Kamikaze Blocks Kamikaze Blocks Kamikaze BlocksShoot at the stacks of blocks and try to knock them down using the least amounts of shots possible.
Groar Groar GroarYou are trapped on an island full of dinosaurs. driving your truck through a dangerous jungle and trap. with existing weapons, try to reach the port that will take you home. Your survival skills will be tested.
Humaliens Battle 2 Humaliens Battle 2 Humaliens Battle 2Choose your side, aliens or humans. Take charge of military operations and enter enemy territory by air, sea and land.
Crack In The Sky Crack In The Sky Crack In The SkyDecode the confidential files of Spider Papadopoulos!
Pretty Shy Bride Pretty Shy Bride Pretty Shy BrideChoose from several romantic wedding dresses and classy accessories to dress this pretty bride. Have fun with your creations and once you're done simply print and share with your friends.
The Crusher The Crusher The CrusherDestroy everything on the road: human, cars, traffic light, parachute, superman, and even jumbo jet! Watch out enemy insight: police, army, tank and warship that ready to kill you!
Take Seedling Home Take Seedling Home Take Seedling HomeSeedlings are very precious for this cute chick’s hometown.The chick decides to make an adventure for seedlings , but it has to overcome numerous dangerous obstacles before it could return home.
Energy Physics Energy Physics Energy PhysicsSolve each physics based level by using your tools to electrocute the little men. Some levels are tricky so be on your toes.
Dragon Flyer Dragon Flyer Dragon FlyerAttack the castle and burn it down to nothing.
Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Cover Orange Players Pack 2 Cover Orange Players Pack 2Protect the fruit from the evil rain cloud by strategically placing objects on the play-field.
Mario Zeppelin 2 Mario Zeppelin 2 Mario Zeppelin 2Collect as many coins as you can but please be careful with the zeppelin. If the zeppelin has to much damage it will explode.
Epos Epos EposAssume the role of Tradda d'Bolve and embark on a daring mission to destroy the rogue Admiral Horn. With dozens of unique enemies, epic boss battles, and tons to unlock and collect as you chart the expansive map, this is one of the largest flash games ever made.
Super Sonic Motobike 2 Super Sonic Motobike 2 Super Sonic Motobike 2Help Sonic ride his new motobike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much rings as possible.
Tetris 3j Tetris 3j Tetris 3jMake lines with falling blocks! World's finest puzzle game!
Bart Simpson Saw Game Bart Simpson Saw Game Bart Simpson Saw GameEvil Pigsaw has trapped Bart in his own school along with some villains. Help him escape!
Ageless War Ageless War Ageless WarWage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase weapons and armor, and cast powerful magic spells. Place buildings that create soldiers to fight against the enemy and destroy their base. Upgrade your buildings and equipment to help overpower the enemy.