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Try to find the time machine to prevent the coming of thousands of alien usurpers... If its not too late.
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Boxdude Tower Defence 2 Boxdude Tower Defence 2 Boxdude Tower Defence 2This is the sequel to the Tower Defence game. In it, you have to set up defences in order to stop BoxDudes from getting to the right/bottom side of the map. Each round gets harder, and there are 10 in total per map.
Super Awesome Racers Super Awesome Racers Super Awesome RacersDriving fast isn’t big or clever but it is lots of fun. Put the pedal to the metal, turn up the music and get around the 9 tracks as fast as possible.
Qlight Qlight QlightQlight is a unique action/puzzle platformer. You play as our furry little friend who has to bring light back to the dark forest and make things good again. To pass each level you have to light up all of the platforms by stepping or jumping onto them. If you or any of the bad guys step onto them again they will turn off. Arrow keys to move, jump and drop down from platforms. SPACE bar or X key to swing your tail and hit enemies.
Cave Chaos Cave Chaos Cave ChaosTwo player adventure through a unstable cave network. Use the ARROW KEYS or W,A,S,D to move. Try to escape the caves quickly before they crumble away!
Draw A Line Draw A Line Draw A LineDraw a line with your mouse (clicking or dragging). Happy guys want to stay on the screen, annoyed guys want to leave the screen, sad guys want to find their friends.
Ninja Cradle Ninja Cradle Ninja CradleBaby Hime has been kidnapped! It's up to Baby Nin and his Magic Diapers to rescue his love!
Spy 2 Spy 2 Spy 2A new storyline, new traps, new tools and new puzzles... You are a robot created by the government, designed to infiltrate any building without being detected. In this game, the Chicago's FBI building itself is being attacked by terrorists, you must infiltrate the building and find out why... Use your tools, strategy and skills to finish each level, once inside the building, you're on your own
Sticky Monsters Sticky Monsters Sticky MonstersSomeone scattered the pages of the precious Sticky Monsters' book all around the city! Help them catch all the pages in the 50 levels of this original physics-based game. Once you have found all the book pages you will finally be able to unfold their content. Then you can devote yourself to picking the donuts along the levels to unlock the many extras available. Controls: Space to release monster, fly or ability. Left or right to control direction while flying. You have to stick to everything, come off, fly through the city and make the best of each monsterâEUTMs special ability to succeed in the adventure.
The Stick Adventure The Stick Adventure The Stick AdventureClick on the arrows on the screen to move. Point and click to shoot your gun when the time comes. Level 1: Click the left arrow. Kill the stick and get the gun. Click the right arrow 2 times and enter the door. Level 2: Point and click your gun at the sticks and shoot them (Headshots). If you absolutely can't get past this level, theres a cheat, on the direction screen pops up when you retry, click the comma (,) after the first
Papa Pancakeria Papa Pancakeria Papa PancakeriaPapa's Pancakeria, situated atop Maple Mountain, is Papa Louie's latest restaurant extravaganza. You will be crafting the fluffiest of pancakes, waffles, and french toast for new and returning customers. This game introduces the Great Foodini, host of a wildly popular traveling game show. He will show up after each shift to give you a chance to win all sorts of prizes from playing his many odd mini-games. - Time-management cooking sim in the Papa Louie universe - All-new pancake stacking mechanics - Unlock a variety of toppings, syrups, and ingredients - Over 50 unique customers to serve - 7 fun Mini Games with 98 prizes to win - 80 in-game achievements to earn - Fully customizable lobby, with close to 100 items to purchase - Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up
The Village Revisited The Village Revisited The Village RevisitedThe Village Revisited is a puzzle game combined with some management and with a dash of strategy. Place the cards so that the roads and houses match. Peasents will walk the streets picking up several items that appear on the streets. Use the peasents to perform tasks like building or farming. Complete the entire grid and move on to the next level in which more items become available.
Tank Storm Tank Storm Tank StormControl a heavy armored battle tank, shoot enemy tanks and soldiers to get through enemy territory and complete your main mission - destroy the enemy base and boss tank.
Battlefield Airwolf Invin Battlefield Airwolf Invin Battlefield Airwolf InvinThis is the invincible version of Battlefield Airwolf. Arrow keys/WASD to move; J/Z to shoot; K/X to bomb.
Hands Of War Hands Of War Hands Of WarThe power of the Heartstone has mysteriously faded and the land of Tempor lies broken from years of civil war. Can you defend your nation against an invading force and unite the seven factions once again?
Bomb Transport Bomb Transport Bomb TransportYou play a role of a transporter, your job is to transport bombs to the destination in limited time. Be careful while driving, if the bomb falls your truck will blast. All the best !
Space Sieged Space Sieged Space SiegedSimple but fun. Since you're using a custom preloader, the loading bar should disappear upon download completion, and the play button should replace it. Otherwise its difficult and confusing to find the play button among the advertisements. Also, seems the round objects don't always score a knockout on impact, it happened on level 5.
Q Compressing The Heart Q Compressing The Heart Q Compressing The HeartYour were killed by a monster and now your ghost will take revenge. Use your Mouse Press ESC button to open menu M to mute
Rock Load Rock Load Rock LoadYou play as a rock that wants to journey into space...and he can also shoot lasers out of his eyes. (And missiles.) You need to protect your little space island's only source of flight, four balloons that will guide Mr.Rock into space. Anyway it's got three stages, each with nine parts and a boss at the end. Five weapons, each with three levels of power and lots of different types of rocks/baddies. There is a help section in the flash game with extra information about the game.I'll just say the controls 'ere just case. ARROWS - MOVE A - SHOOT ENTER - ACCEPT/SKIP
Kaboomz 3 Kaboomz 3 Kaboomz 3Destroy the balloons with your cannon, think of the best way you can blow them with less shoots. Best of luck!
Moto Trial Fest 2 Moto Trial Fest 2 Moto Trial Fest 2More new challenges await you. 20 new levels now even larger and more interactive. Complete them, get badges and enter to the top moto trial racers ranking board.
Prehistoric Skater Prehistoric Skater Prehistoric SkaterYou are caveman which ride through jungle on his skateboard. Watch out for dangerous snakes and spiders, you can destroy them with your mace.
Mario Combat Mario Combat Mario CombatYour Super Mario karate kid! Yes karate kid? This means you gotta kick bowsers butt! And that's exactly what your going to do!
Warfare 1917 Warfare 1917 Warfare 1917Lead the German or British army through the holes of Europe in this First World War strategy game. Will your soldiers die for a good reason? Use armor, infantry and fire support to take control of the ground or bombard your enemies. Win this battle! 2 Campaigns. British and German. Custom battle mode. Setup skirmishes the way you want!
Roly Poly Eliminator Roly Poly Eliminator Roly Poly EliminatorDestroy all evil Roly Poly's. Try not to kill the friendly Roly Poly's
Sprocket Rocket Sprocket Rocket Sprocket RocketHelp Wallace & Gromit complete their latest contraption! Help them to fly to the moon.
Pixel Legions Pixel Legions Pixel LegionsBuild armies of glowing pixels and defeat your enemy. With the mix of clever tactics and brute force you will destroy your opponents. Each battlefield will surprises you. Do you have skills enough to conquer them all ?
Battle Gear Battle Gear Battle GearA big strategically warfare game. Your mission is to conquer the world. Start with choosing your side from one of the three:  China, USA and China. Lead your army and defeat your enemy in land, air and sea.
Metal Slug Brutal 3 Metal Slug Brutal 3 Metal Slug Brutal 3Get into the skin of the bloody Metal Slug command. Eliminate all the enemy soldiers and destroy the military facilities on your way
Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Super KaroshiWhy are we always avoiding the spikes and trying to reach
Shaolin Master Shaolin Master Shaolin MasterBecome a Shaolin Master in this highscore action-reflex game with beautiful graphics and addicting gameplay!
Cold And Flu Invasion Cold And Flu Invasion Cold And Flu InvasionKeep the customers in need of medicine happy and supply them with the correct medicine to cure the flu symptoms they are experiencing, make sure you get there quickly or you'll be the one with the flu next
1 Will Survive 2 1 Will Survive 2 1 Will Survive 2Welcome Captain! The Kingdom of Rivaros is under great threat! The villainous warlord Gandor has wage war against our once great empire. Thanagar is the only city that has yet to be captured. We must fight back and liberate our brothers. Manual:
Reincarnation Ahe Reincarnation Ahe Reincarnation AheAll Hallow's Evil - The Halloween Special is another sequel of Reincarnation point and click adventure games series. My records show our old friend Darcy has escaped through a Reincarny Portal. Luckily for you, it's Halloween time in the human realm. Go out and find him and bring him back for a proper torture. Good luck and have fun!
Missing Mechanism Missing Mechanism Missing MechanismDrag and rotate the parts provided in each level to complete a contraption that will put the ball in the goal. Features 50 levels!
Hit The Mole Hit The Mole Hit The MoleSmash the moles down more than your opponent, but beware lest you fall.
Deadly Neighbors Deadly Neighbors Deadly NeighborsMake your way through the neighborhood fighting all of the mean kids in your neighborhood. It turn by turn so be sure to make a smart move everytime.
Arcanorum Arcanorum ArcanorumYour mission in this fun destruction game is to control a flying war machine and battle enemies from all shapes and sizes
Desert Moon Desert Moon Desert MoonSurvive for 5 days battling hordes of hostile creatures on a distant planet. You'll gain new weapons and support as you battle through each day.
Christmass Dressup Christmass Dressup Christmass DressupIn this christmas game you need to dressup this girl as christmas as possible.
Merry Christmast Transfer Merry Christmast Transfer Merry Christmast TransferChrismas is coming! The lovely deer need to transfer many many gifts. Could you help it finish its tasks?Have fun with it!
Rs Christmas Tree Rs Christmas Tree Rs Christmas TreePass energy along to the Christmas tree as you connect light bulbs, solar panels, boilers, and more.
Timmy The Caveman Timmy The Caveman Timmy The CavemanYou must protect your woman until she has finished cooking!Shoot down bananas to buy upgrades
Corporation Inc Corporation Inc Corporation IncDo you believe in workforce synergy or other fancy business jargon? This game just might be for you! It's time to build the push-button company of your dreams. Corporation Inc is a game about building the best push-button corporation in the world. Create offices and hire workers to fill them. Push a profit and start researching new upgradeable and items. Hit your goals and get rewarded, it's like real life business management without the consequences! As your company grows larger you'll be rewarded with higher build sizes, greater options, and more tech trees of workers and offices. Your offices will grow cat-infested and your workers will earn money like you wouldn't believe. It's going to be a challenge, are you up for the task?
Puru Valentine Shot Puru Valentine Shot Puru Valentine ShotIt's time for valentine's day. The cute little pink Puru is trying to shot at the target in order to make as much heart as possible to win the audience love.
Rango Rango RangoPlay Rango the chameleon as he struggles to find a path through the wild west.
Charlie Sheen Winning Charlie Sheen Winning Charlie Sheen WinningDrive and avoid obstacles as Charlie Sheen.
Loki Loki LokiLead Loki, the fire god to the surface! When moving Loki, do not let him diminish by absorbing fires nearby. Touching walls, chains, bats, spiders, water, etc. will drain Loki's energy faster.
Ninja Adventures Ninja Adventures Ninja AdventuresBecome one of the best ninja's of the world. But to reach this goal you need to survive this 7 levels. And if you don't die in the last level , you will get a  bonus level .